Download James Bond 007: Blood Stone

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is an amazing Bond game. The game is much like the recent Bond movies and comes loaded with action and good visuals. The game has made a name for itself owing to some stylish combat sequences, fast paced story, slick melee fights, globetrotting adventure and amazing driving sections. James Bond 007: Blood Stone is a third person action game which has all the requisites of a good Bond movie or game.

So, what is the game about? Well, in James Bond 007: Blood Stone, the gamer would have to step into the shoes of James Bond and investigate a case wherein a weapons dealer seems to be threatening the G20 summit. As you delve deep into the game, the plot thickens further and you would be sucked into a tangled conspiracy. The game is much like a typical Bond adventure to which the gamers would easily relate to. James Bond 007: Blood Stone includes some great voice acting by Judi Dench and Daniel Craig, which further adds to the charisma of the game.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is a different game altogether. As mentioned earlier, the game in spite of being an outright third person action-adventure game focuses on stealth, melee takedowns, gadget driven simulators, chase scenes and shooting. Together, all this makes James Bond 007: Blood Stone a gem of a game aimed at all the James Bond, Daniel Craig fans. The game is a beautiful experience in itself and can be thoroughly enjoyed by amateurs and seasoned gamers alike. It is a game which would indeed put a smile across your face.

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