Iron Storm
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There are many games which do not boast of a good storyline and yet score big in terms of action and gameplay. One such game which enthralls the gamers with its unique trench fight is Iron Storm. The game is based on a fictional idea, one where World War 1 never comes to an end. The game is set in the 1960’s in Germany and lets you be a part of the World War 1 scenario where the war has been waging for over 50 years now. The concept is no doubt a bit far fetched  but the visuals and the game itself would indeed appeal to the masses.

Iron Storm can be played in 1st person player mode or in the 3rd person one. The advanced futuristic weapons and the technological innovations showcased in the game would indeed titillate the young minds of amateur gamers. The developers have done a great job by churning out a near perfect war like feel where danger lurks in almost every corner. It is true that technological advancements such as the ones shown in the game, as tanks and heavy artillery have almost made trench wars look obsolete, yet, the gamer would get to fight almost one-third of the game in trenches.

Iron Storm is not like the other regular action games. It is true that it has plenty of action in the form of gun-play  but it includes few puzzles as well. This is what makes it all the more interesting. Once the puzzles are solved, they would disclose what needs to be destroyed in order to proceed with the game or help you make an impact. Hence, the puzzles aren't too difficult and are merely an effort from the developer’s end to keep things interesting. All this makes Iron Storm a great game and worth laying hands upon.

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