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If you love games that revolve around space invasion, then Insectoid is the game for you, as it stays faithful to that genre of gaming, and has some polished and modern installations to it. Insectoid is compatible with Windows 7. You get to control not one but 4 space ships, and you have to avoid the enemy shooting line and try to take them out by yourself. There are a lot of challenges in the game and if you prefer easier games, then Insectoid maybe too tough for you.

Also, some of your enemies will drop off power-ups and this can be collected by you to give you an extra edge to compete with them. The game is fast paced with some stunning background scenery and looks that are bound to please players all over. The levels in this demo version are short, but will give you a taste of what to expect further in the complete game. each level has its own unique background and this makes the game look very cool. You can improve your high score by trying to kill all the enemies in your path.

There are three difficulty settings and this gives you the chance to get used to the game at the easier level. There are 50 levels in the complete game, and 7 long ones in this demo version of the game. Insectoid has the most stunning graphics that you may come across in shoot ‘em up games, and this will keep you hooked on to the game for a long time. The game play is fast and intense, giving you no time to sit idle. There are different enemies that you have to defeat and this keeps things varied in the game. however, the game has not real innovations and this can put some players off.



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