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Hobo 6 Hell is the sixth installment in the Hobo series and the main character is still present, even if the story had a weird twist at the end of the fifth game. The hobo fought his way through a large number of enemies in the first four games and the fifth one found him abducted by aliens. He tried to fight them off as well, and he actually managed to do it, but he was not able to escape from the alien ship and come back to Earth in time. He tried to steer it back into the atmosphere but by the time he managed to learn the controls, the ship ran out of breathable oxygen and then, the hobo found his end.

Or was that the end? It seems like not, because the sixth installment of the game still has Hobo as the main character and not someone else. However, this time, the hobo is not in his usual form. He is trapped in hell, he was sent there because all of the harm that he did to the people that he killed, but this was done in order to protect himself. However, it seems that the adventures of the hobo are not finished yet and he will have to escape from hell in order to get revived.

This will be the toughest game of the series because the demons and the devils that reside in hell are harsher than any of the other enemies that Hobo had to deal with until now. But Hobo does not want to spend an eternity in hell and he will do everything that is possible in order to escape from this place that he hates. He will then be able to revive himself and go on with his life in the usual manner. Hopefully.

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