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Hobo 5 Space Brawls is the latest installment in the Hobo series and here, the player will have to prove that he is the best that there ever was and he will have to destroy the aliens, all by himself. The games in the Hobo series are exactly what the title says they are: the player will have the possibility to control a homeless man that has started to get through some interesting adventures and this time he ends up in the worst situation until now. However, is this the real case or he will be able to find a solution to get out of there?

The hobo is not there to get killed or to be used as an experiment, or at least this is his opinion and he will struggle to make it real, because he surely does not want to be destroyed here, after he managed to get through a lot of dangerous adventures. The first ones were more humanly and he had no problems, but this time he will have to think more, rather than just going berserk and taking care of everyone, as he does not know how the aliens can react.

The first thing that the hobo does is getting his hands on a weapon that he managed to stole from the aliens. Afterwards, he can go on and kill some of the aliens that are more weak, but he will have to go through several levels that are designed in accordance to the levels of the ship. He will ultimately be able to take control of the ship but this will not be an easy thing, either, because other alien ships will come in to help the one in which he is trapped and he will have to take care of those, too, if he wants to get back on Earth.

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