Hitman: Contracts
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Hitman has been the favorite assassin game all these years. Hitman: Contracts is the third installment in the popular series and once again, the gamer gets to don the role of the brainwashed super assassin. The game simply picks up from where Hitman 2: Silent Assassin had left. It even retains the same gameplay and visuals. However, for those who were looking for some major upgrades in this new version have obviously been disappointed, chiefly because the 2nd version was such a huge development of the original Hitman game.

Hitman: Contracts may have the same graphics and gameplay, but it still manages to excite the gamers owing to some great open ended mission. Hitman: Contracts is played as a series of flashbacks which are probably reminiscent of his past missions. It is to be noted that only half the missions in Contracts are new and rest of the missions are merely revamped and recreated versions from the 2000 game. However, these remix missions are not their original selves and rather have many twists which were not present in the original outing.

Are the new missions interesting? Well, of course they are! The new missions and even the revamped missions are quite fun to play. Hitman: Contracts still retains the original charm of the Hitman franchise of coming up with an elaborate plot to kill a person and then following the same to its every tiny detail. The best thing about Hitman: Contracts is the fact that, you get to play in different locales on varied missions, some of which are about fascist bikers or a Russian submarine and are played in a fetish party or even an asylum. Hitman: Contracts may not be what the gamers had hoped but it has enough to keep the masses happy. It is a game which stays true to the original idea and yet manages to create a niche of its own.

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