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If you have been looking for a horror game that is on par with the likes of Slender, then Hide may be one of the best games out there in the market. The game has some real spooky environment that makes the game that much big a success. Hide is a 3D adventure game, and although the ideology of Hide is similar to Slender, the game is different in its own way with various monsters and also the looks of the game.

The game features a dark and spooky forest. Also, there is snow all around ans you are in a confused state of mind. Your task is simple, you have to find five locations, and everytime you near one of the locations, some monster will come for you. This makes the game more scary as you do not know what or rather who is looking for you. The controls of Hide are very simple, what makes the game complicated and challenging is the monsters that you have no inkling to and it is difficult for you to hide from them if you are in plain sight. Thus, you have to look for cover wherever you are.

The graphics of Hide are very good, and that make the atmosphere very scary and horrific. What makes the game such a huge success is however the sound effects. There are constant sirens in the background giving you a sense of urgency. Also, the sound of your breathing that gets heavier as you get more scared gives you a very tense feel. Also, the sight of the monster looking for you is extremely horrific giving you the ultimate chills. Hide has some amazing retro 3D graphics that make the game very appealing. The only downside is that the game is a little simple to play.


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