Haunt: The real slender game
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If you have played and loved the Slender game, then Haunt: The real slender game is what will grab your interest next. Only, this game has much better twisted scenarios that will haunt you and make your head spin.

The story line has been improved with a more intricate plot to keep the player hooked. You no longer just have to collect cryptic notes, this game works like a treasure hunt where one note leads you to the next clue and so on until all are found. The wide range of scenarios and locations with improved sound effects, the game will devour you until you completely transported into the world of thrill and horror.

You not only have to collect notes that lead you to further clues, but you will also have to collect items such as batteries that you will need for your camera. The downside here is that there is no Slender Man who can cause memory loss or shrink your ability to hold your wits, however, there is an orb like creature that you must avoid at all times, as it will have the same effect on your mind as the Slender Man did. If it catches you unawares, it can smash up your brain before you know it and can kill you. The only indication you will have of its approach is the sound effects and the sudden static that will appear on the screen.

You may find yourself easily lost in the game, as the clues sometimes get hard to decipher, and can be misleading. However, the creepy aura of the game with the scary sound effects will keep you hooked on to the game until you win it. This game proves to be the complete package of thrill and brain teasing as the clues will keep you guessing until you figure them out!

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