Download Harry potter and the chamber of secrets

If you have always wanted to feel like how Harry did when he fought and defeated the younger version of Lord Voldemort, then here is how you can do so! Play Harry through a series of events through out his year at Hogwarts School. This is a great fix for Potter fans who will stop at nothing to get a little more of their favorite hero!

Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets lets you wander through the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you have to complete the tasks set out for you as the plot of the game proceeds. Finally, you will have to face the younger version of Lord Voldemort and the gigantic beast that he controls.

The game allows you to get well acquainted with the world of Harry Potter and also get to know his closest friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. The game may seem a little lax, as the graphics are not really upto the mark, and seem very dated. Sometimes the movement of the characters may seem very stiff and puppet-like.

All in all you get to follow the storyline of your favorite book and movie and your wizard hero. Despite all the short comings, this is a pretty great kick for all the fans. The challenges and battles that you will have to fight as Harry are a lot of fun, and also quite challenging. The poor graphics may seem like a damper to your spirits, but you won’t feel too low once you get to experience playing the part of a wizard on the screen of your PC.

The soundtrack is pretty authentic. As a fan you wont really mind playing the game, as it will only make you seem like you have entered the world you would give anything to be a part of!

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