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A first-person shooter inspired from the literary works of authors, Hard Reset is developed by Flying Wild Hog for Microsoft Windows. It is not like other shooters and is rather a classically styled shooter where the main job is to blow up things as fast as possible, retaining maximum health. A versatile weapon system and flashy visuals makes the game exciting, in spite of the lack of enemy variety. There is also an extended version to the game with more enemy types, levels, new weapons and a boss.

The game is set in a post modern futuristic world. The gameplay is rather simple and is much like the other shooting games around. In addition to the rapid-fire spewing weapons, the gamer gets to use grenades, rocket launchers, rail guns, shot gun and a wide variety of other fire options. It does not have grand environments but it does have a lot of architectural details. The game is a complete entertainer owing to the explosions, snazzy light shows and the robots’ detonating. Though the ending is a bit rushed, the overall gameplay, unlocking arsenal of weapons, the journey itself, the shooting spree, rows of floating cars and steam pipes venting gases, is matchless.

The comic book style cutscenes make the story work. The storyline is perhaps the only weak point of the game, but the action and fun involved doesn't really let the gamers bother much about the story. The game boasts of decent sound effects and the weapon upgrade system is quite fun in itself. The user friendly UI is one of the other positives of the same.

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