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Greedy Ghouls is a small but interesting Flash game that will keep the players entertained for at least a while, as they try to discover all of the secret elements that are encompassed in the game. Also, they will have to solve a pretty large amount of different tasks that will require them to do different things to reach the objective - the elements of the game are not really repetitive, well, except for the shootings, but leaving this alone, there is a large amount of interesting things that will have to be done in order to have the perfect gameplay that will also take the player to the end of the game.

If the player does not manage to solve certain key requirements of the missions, he will not be able to progress and he will not get to the end of the tracks, where liberty and safety await him. Instead, he might die overwhelmed by the ghouls that are really strong and will do everything that is possible to kill the player. They are similar to zombies, although they do not bite or something like this, but they will simply surround the player if he is not fast enough at killing them and from there on there is not too much until the game is over.

However, there are different weapons that will help the player keep a safe space between him and the ghouls, but he will have to move fast while switching and aiming the weapons so he can do a good job on the battlefield, without worrying too much about the monsters that keep coming. Reloads are fast and they are done automatically, so this is one worry in minus. However, there are still some aspects of the game that must be treated with seriousness in order to win.

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