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Gibbets 3 is the third game of the Gibbets series and it will be the most intricate and rewarding one, allowing players to enjoy the moment in which they save the lives of people in the game. The game is designed as a skill shooter and it might point a little bit to the adventures of Robin Hood, that saved the innocent people from the power of the tyrannous ones. However, this time the action is not as tense as in the Robin Hood movies or games, but it still provides some quality gameplay for those that want a unique challenge.

This is interesting, because the player will have to save people that are hanged. These people will slowly have their health depleted as they are hanged and the job of the player is to save them as fast as possible in order to progress to the next level and also achieve the maximum amount of points. The amount of points that the player can earn decreases proportionally with the health of the targets that must be saved and the player will have to move fast in order to win - also, the player will also have to hit the rope and not the target because he will lose the level if he misses the shot.

The player will also lose the level if the people that must be saved are not saved in time and they die. It will require a replay of the level and this might not be too bad, because it will really happen for the player to miss once or twice and replaying the level is the best exercise that can be done in order to master it. There are a lot of levels and they will beco

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