Download Garshap: The Monster Slayer

Garshap: The Monster Slayer hit the gaming world in 2010 and there has been absolutely no looking back for the game, ever since. The game seems to have borrowed few elements from God of War. The game is known for its music, art design, well crafted atmosphere, good narration and amazing cutscenes. All this, makes Garshap: The Monster Slayer worth the money that you shell on the same. According to some, it is an epic adventure for all the action-adventure game lovers.

Garshap: The Monster Slayer is created around the Iranian Mythology and deals with the story of a hero, who goes to avenge his brother’s death and faces a giant ogre named Hitasp. The game has a grand fantasy feel to it which is rendered chiefly through some amazing voice acting and narratives. The cutscenes do justice to the game as well. The in-game controls are a little hard to master and would pose some problem for the amateurs. The strong attack combos and the swordplay would indeed appeal to all.

Garshap: The Monster Slayer has more to it than the mere combat. The game involves acrobatic skills, problem solving and avoiding traps. It has a dark and fable kind of feel which makes it all the more interesting. It is a four hour game and is a fun way to enjoy holidays. Garshap: The Monster Slayer isn't something spectacular but has enough positives to interest the gamers. It is an independent game and is a great value for money.

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