Download Epic Empire: A Hero’s Quest for PC Windows

Epic Empire: A Hero's Quest for PC Windows takes you to town and makes you responsible for the town. There are bandits, bosses and other evil characters who are looking for a single opportunity to break into your empire and destroy it. You have to build your own army to battle against them to keep your town safe and protected from the dangerous attacks.

The game is located in some ancient time, so you can expect lots of sword warfare and numerous weapon upgrades that we are not habituated. The period this game is based on makes it more interesting and different from the other games. The battles with the bosses are played in real-time mode, making it tougher and more interactive than most RPGs have. You also get to modify your town, besides your army. This way you can create defensive structures and structures that can take your town from being a small town to expand into an empire on its own.

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