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Defense game are sometimes really interesting. Some of them are strategy games and they will challenge the player in order to see how good are his logical skills when it comes to designing the defense system that will protect the base from the oncoming attackers. However,  other defense games are more straightforward and they will directly put the player into the battle zone and he will be the only one that can do the job, without special towers that must be built or something similar that can give a helping hand to the player.

Duty Hill is the perfect example of a game that will put the player into the battle field and he will have to help himself in order to survive without the aid of special powers or something like this. The only thing that can be improved is the weapon that he uses and this will be really good to use when it comes to fighting the enemies that come. There is also a story line added to the game and it will be interesting to get through everything that appears in the game. The story places the character in Chernobyl.

It has been a long time since the nuclear accident that took place in 1986 and different teams of soldiers have expeditions there in order to find out more secrets about the area and about the irradiated creatures that live there. However, something went wrong and one of the soldiers is now captive in a building and he must wait for a rescue team. However, the creatures have felt his presence and they are now coming to kill him, so he will have to defend the position for a while, until a rescue team can arrive but things will get pretty difficult and the player will need good shooting skills.

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