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Delivering stuff to people is usually a peaceful job and many employees do this. Some of them are pizza boys while others are couriers, but they all have the same thing in common, they have a job that must be completed and for that they have to deliver a package. There are also some other people that work as couriers but their job are much dangerous and they are actually prepared fighters that are not afraid to shoot their way through walls of enemies in order to reach the destination with the package that they have to deliver.

Delivery Man is the game that many might be eager to play after seeing movies like Transporter, in which the hero has to fight bad guys in order to deliver the package. This is exactly the thing that must be done in the game in order to complete the level. The player will have to reach the destination and he will have to do it as fast as possible by killing every enemy in his way. The delivery man carries really valuable packages so he will have to pay attention every time to the enemies that will definitely appear to stop him.

As he progresses, the player will be able to purchase more powerful weapons in order to better attack the enemy that comes along, and he will also have the possibility to apply upgrades to his vehicle in order to make it more powerful, faster or even better armored. These things are mandatory if the players wants to become a professional and successful delivery man, otherwise he will not have the opportunity to do too much in his life as the enemies will cut it short. The game contains more than fifty different delivery missions that are filled with a lot of great action.

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