Download Defend and Dismember

Defend and Dismember is a really interesting arcade game that the players will enjoy a lot as they will have to defend the Earth from the biggest threat that the box office has to offer - aliens. In almost every movie and game in which they appear, they are portrayed as evil creatures that will do everything that is possible in order to destroy or enslave the people that live on the planet. However, there is always a hero that is prepared to take on the aliens and destroy them all, but also destroy their mother ship in order to make sure that these enemies of the humanity will not come back too soon.

The gameplay of Defend and Dismember is quite interesting, allowing the people to destroy all of the aliens in order to become a high ranked officer of the army. However, doing this is not an easy task and it will require a lot of aliens blown up to pieces in order to receive the highest ranks available. The aliens can also be dismembered and they will count as bonuses towards these ranks, allowing the player to easier reach them. However, they will still have to blow up a lot of aliens, but it will definitely be fun and every gamer will enjoy doing this.

The game can be considered a combination between the arcade and action genres and it seems to be a pretty successful one, as the people  will definitely enjoy shooting down the aliens in order to save the planet, just like any hero would do for mankind. However, in order to do this even better, the game allows the players to further upgrade his weapons and purchase more powerful ones that will easily blast away the aliens and it will keep them far away from the planet.

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