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Be prepared to be taken to outer space and then get spooked out of your mind! Dead Space is gory, its terrifying, and its out there to get you. The city of Sprawl has to be saved from the necromorph infestation, and the person who can save the day is Isaac Clarke. The plot is simple enough, with the main target being the humans fighting and gaining control over the necromorphs. However, the various levels and the chilling twists in the plot makes this game the one that will have your heart racing and stopping at the same time!

This is one action packed ride that will have you looking over your shoulder for an alien attack. This game balances dynamic outer space sequences and also claustrophobic indoor counter parts. It is a multiplayer game where the humans combat necromorphs and actually take total control over them!

There are five objective based scenarios that a team of humans and necromorphs fight it out in. there are four types of necromorphs that can be played in the multiplayer version. The interesting multiplayer tactical game play will keep you coming back for more.

The graphics are genuinely terrifying and the atmosphere is quite believable. This game is bound to be one of the best horror games of all times. You can play this game with a single player interface and also with multiple players. However, the single player campaign may prove to be a bit of a disappointment when compared to the multiplayer option. Thus, it would be a much better and all the more terrifying if you go with the multiplayer option.

The sound effects are bound to send a chill down your spine, and also make the entire gaming experience very real. If horrific space creatures are your thing, then look no further for the ultimate experience!

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