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Days Of Blood is a really great action game that also features an interesting story and a good gameplay to have fun with. Like any other good action game, it also come with a story that introduces the player to what is happening. A game that does not feature such an introduction is kinda empty and it will not provide the same amount of fun as a story based game that will allow the player to immerse into the world that he plays in and give a true life to the character.

This game follows the story of a brave knight that is ready to sacrifice himself in order to destroy the evil that has risen on Earth. This evil will slowly destroy everything that is good in the world, because there are a lot of cultists that will bow to this new evil lord and they will do anything in order to accomplish his plans. He has to recover his body and for this, pure girls are sacrificed by the cultists. However, hour hero is in love with the girl that has to be sacrificed and he will not allow such a thing, so he will have to infiltrate in the castle and kill all of the cultists.

However, there are a lot of them - there are 666 cultists that will attack, one by one, and the knight will have to kill them all in order to save the girl. In order, to attack, he will have three different ways to do it. He will be able to use the sword and cut them, he will be able to also throw the sword at them in order to kill them or he can hit them with the shield. Each hit will kill a cultist, but also each hit will take a life from the hero.

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