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Cloud to Ground Lightning was the first game of the series and the players that got through the first installment should have made themselves an idea about the elements that are present there and about what should have been added there in order to make the game much better than it already was. Because of these thoughts, the developers did not let the guard down and they created a new interesting game that is a sequel to the first one. And this is how Cloud to Ground Guardian was launched in order to continue the story of the first game.

This new game will bring in the element that many wanted the most: big guns. This element is mandatory for the modern shooting and war games of any kind and developers try to give their best in order to bring quality items to their customers. If the first game of the series featured a more calm environment, the second one will bring a lot of bombs that the player can use in order to seriously shake the ground as he takes down different enemies and even the buildings in which they are hiding.

There are several types of bombs and rockets that can be used and they will be available through the missions, but they will also be changed sometimes depending on the objective of a certain mission. The player is free to change between them at any moment of a mission but he should not do it for too many times as he might end up with no possibilities of winning the mission because he does not have the required ammo anymore. The game takes place in an airplane, just as the title hints about, and the vision is the one that might be encountered on a special airplane camera.

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