Download City Siege 2: Resort Siege

City Siege 2: Resort Siege is the sequel to the first game of the series and the siege has moved from a town to another. This happened because the player managed to repel the attack that took place in the first game and the enemy decided that they should attack another location in order to weaken the forces of the defendant even more. However, if the player is good enough, he might not have such problems when it comes to the game play in this installment, but he will still have to design a good strategy.

The game is played on a level by level scheme so the player will have to do well in the first level, for example, in order to get to the next one. Also, the player will receive a certain score for each level and this score will be really useful if the player needs to buy some upgrades that should be mounted on the current structures in order to win the levels with more ease. These upgrades will soon become mandatory because the enemy does not always send the same type of troops and some of them will be really powerful.

The game contains a good amount of levels that will allow the player to have a lot of fun while trying to defend this resort city from the enemy that comes in larger numbers in order to take down this city, once and for all. However, the enemies do not know that the same defendant who worked in order to defend players during the first siege is now back, trying to get rid of every enemy that still dares to get close.

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