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Be prepared to enter the world of fantasy and adventure with lots of adventure in it! Blades of Time is a fast paced game with lots to offer to the players at all times. Ayumi is the character that you will be representing and you will find yourself in a strange island that has a lot of secrets to it like treasures and also monsters that are trying to get you. You have to make sure that nothing interrupts your quest for the treasure. You will be able to go back in time in order to solve various puzzles and also kill monsters. This unique and different feature makes Blades of Time a very fun game to play.

Blades of Time is a different kind of action game, as it also has a number of puzzles to solve, and also you will have the opportunity to interact with friends and foes alike. Yes, there are adequate number of actions scenarios to keep action seekers entertained, but this is an all-rounder game that will entertain a lot of different kinds of players. There is a lot of variety in the attacks and fights as there are over 40 martial arts moves and tricks that you can implement in a combined form in order to kill your enemies.

The graphics and the atmosphere of the landscapes in Blades of Time are breathtaking and unique. You will feel like you are sucked into the world of your own and you are the undying hero there. There are different scenarios like the snow covered valleys , ancient cities, jungles with mysterious beasts, and many more to keep you occupied and not bored at all. The fun missions and the great views make Blades of Time a very entertaining game to play for players who are a fan of action games.



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