Arma III

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If you are interested in serious military shooter games that are based on a great sense of realism, then Arma III is the game for you. There are a series of factors in the game that make is such a classic to play for fans of the real world adventures. If you have played and enjoyed Arma II, then Arma III is going to blow your mind away. The game is better than the prequel in more ways than one, and there is not a single aspect of the game that you will not like. Arma III is compatible with Windows 7.

There are a lot of features in the game like improved weaponry, vehicles that the military uses, planes, road vehicles, boats, and many more. the island of Arma III is very large and you will have a great time exploring it. There are different settings in the game like villages, towns and also mountains to give you a varied experience all in one go.

The scenery and the atmosphere of the game are very stunning and very detailed, giving it a very realistic touch. The lifespan of the player is to be extended, but besides that Arma III is a magnificent game to play for fans of realistic gaming and war games. Also, the characters are modeled to perfection keeping in mind the real deal. If you are looking for a game that resembles a real-life adventure, then Arma III is the game for you.