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A Valley without Wind 2 is a combination of classic action and strategy game. It is fulfilling and quite addictive in itself. You are surely mistaken if you think it is merely about construction. The game is designed to seem as if it is a blend of two different games. Hence, on one hand, the player finds himself performing missions and on the other, he moves units to gather resources, captures strategic targets and recruits resistance fighters. The game seems much like the previous version of itself and hence, retains the original charm.

A Valley without Wind 2 has a unique design and is endowed with features like a focused gameplay, considerably improved visuals, tactile combat and isometric strategy bits to name a few. The artwork and the soundtrack are their evolved selves as well. The grand moments are, however, the strategy segments. The depth in the game and a variety in the form of enemies are really surprising. The game involves different classes and the ones that are more significant steal all the limelight.

The game has to be played with patience while surprises throughout, are awaited. Even though it has a conventional premise, it succeeds in being different amidst the chaotic cacophony in the action game segment. The player greatly needs to depend on reflexes and intellect because the moves are always critical and every false step can be directly or indirectly related to a loss. In short, A Valley without Wind 2 can be referred to as a survival horror strategy game that demands carefulness and proper choice of difficulty levels. It is a game which would indeed put a smile across your face.

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