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Do not underestimate Resolver One, as it is not your average spreadsheet software program. It comes heavy, built for power users who want to use Python scripting language for analyzing data. Along with this, you can also use Ironclad, NumPy, Cpython and C libraries. Resolver One is compatible with Microsoft Excel and offers unique compatibility with Yahoo! Finance.

If the users want to share their work online, they can utilize the cut-down version of Resolver One called as Resolver One Player. They utilize cached worksheets so that you don’t have to execute recalculations over and over again. It comes with lots of sample worksheets so you don’t have to re-invent them again. Using a function called as RunWorkBook, you can make external Resolver One documents be run, by using another Resolver One document. This means you can use calculations that were produced from another document.

The Formulae provided by Resolver One are simply superb. Since you may already have pre-built components for calculations, you want to re-use the calculations again. These components can be pulled into the spreadsheet without having to re-write them. The software also exports the spreadsheets as web pages. All these features make Resolver One a good software to have.

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