Download Cost Benefit Analysis Template

A variety of templates have been designed for use in Microsoft Excel and available in market for free. The purpose of these templates is to help you with specific tasks that can make your desired activities like business processes easier. This is achieved by the predefined formulas that the templates incorporate. It is a good idea to start your project with the templates that suit your needs so that you find your work interesting and easier.

One of such templates for Excel intended for calculations of financial futures thus making such calculations easy and fast for people who wish to carry them out, is named Cost Benefit Analysis Template. As the name suggests, it is created for cost benefit analysis of a project. It lets you enter the costs and benefits as expected for any investment or project for multiple years. It can give an efficient forecast of finance for the project ranging over years as you wish. One can also include confidence factors if necessary. The template has rows and columns for the information you need to enter and you just have to fill in the appropriate cells with the data you have. Rest of the things is taken care of by the program. It automatically does all the necessary calculations and provides you the results.

It creates a precise and comprehensive set of cells with all the results such as the Net worth, Payback period, internal return rates, discounts, future costs, etc. All the calculations that are applicable for your project is done and you can just sit back and analyse the results that are accurately carried out. In addition to the results, it displays the project analysis in the form of bar and line charts so that you can visualize the information better.

As the program is nothing but a worksheet, you need not spend time learning how to use it. You will immediately get familiar with its interface and functions. A very simple layout and clear-cut instructions make it the best tool for financial planning with your business projects. A mortgage calculator is provided as an additional benefit with this template.

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