WordRead American Edition

Download WordRead American Edition

WordRead American Edition is voice recognition software published by Claro Software, which allows its users to hear the text on the PC screen with a human like automated voice. The entire software is extremely user friendly and simple to use as the user has no liability here to select and them copy and paste the target text into a window. This software can be used as a wonderfully efficient tool for proof reading, listening to Word documents, e-mails, web pages, spreadsheets, presentations and accessible PDF files. This program is compatible with windows operating system like Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista/windows7/8. The downloadable file size is 77.67 MB and the file name is WordReadv2USAdemo.zip.

Apart from OS the program need some specific system requirements like Pentium 350Mhz or above, 128MB RAM, Sound Card or Sound Chip, Headphones or speakers, 40MB Hard drive space for English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Swedish, German and Italian, and 160MB for Other Realspeak Languages . WordRead helps its users to confirm the accuracy of all kinds of Word document on the computer within the use of the access.. The user can check a newly-created document instantly, or it can open up an old file carry on with their challenges.

WordRead uses the highly-sophisticated RealspeakTM text-to-speech software which offers human voice reading for the users’ written documents. Moreover, WordRead offers more than 17 RealSpeak languages in order to choose from text readback as it provides great flexibility and capability for doing proofing, carrying reading, and as well as and learning. You can also generate audio (wav) files to listen to on your portable audio player or playback on your PC. This product’s latest version ships with American English Tom and, RealSpeak Solo male SAPI5 Voice. The product is transported by in a DVD style case with Manual and CD.