Voice Recognition Comprehensive Platform

Download Voice Recognition Comprehensive Platform

Published by Fuzhou Haijing Science & Technology Development Company, Voice Recognition Comprehensive Platform is good quality speech recognition software based on advanced speaker model technology. This specific software is known for its high level of accuracy, and it is based on a short, fast, and accurately recognizes the identity of the speaker. This is an easy-to- downloadable software and the file size is 58.54MB, and the file name is Voice_Recognition_Comprehensive_Platform.exe. This TTS software is compatible with different Windows operating systems like Windows 98/XP/7/8, and Windows Vista. The trial version for 30 days and unlimited use deserve special attention for explaining the popularity of this software.

Using Voice Recognition Comprehensive Platform has some distinct advantages. Its output is highly accurate, it is easy to use, it is low cost software with high rate of accuracy, and can be used in different kind of businesses. Some of the most known business where this software is used is trading, securities, forensics, public security, etc. The operational advantages of this software are plenty in number and out of all these the prime ones are PC voice lock, auto voice lock, ID card, credit card authentication. The computer needs to remain attached to internet at the time when this software is being run by the family.