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Published and released by SpeechToolsCenter, it is good quality speech recognition software which allows a user to interact with his own computer by own voice. Most astonishingly with this program platform a user may call his pictures, songs, movies, files, and different applications. The software speech tools will allow its users to listen to text documents, Word documents, and Web pages without any format conversion. This software program is compatible with windows XP, Vista/7/8. The downloadable file size is 51.65MB, and the target file for download is named as

This speech recognition software has some interesting features which are not onoly user friendly, theu are extreme productive as well. The program provides support for semi continuous, phonetically tied,, and entirely continuous acoustic models, acoustic models for Mandarin and English, python language binding, Trigram language models and JSGF finite-state grammars, Model footprint on disk of about 10MB per language, integration for GStreamer multimedia framework, memory footprint under 20MB for medium-vocabulary continuous recognition, etc. its special features includes identification and access of photo album, address book, search explorer, and facility to learn English to (Spanish, Italian, German, French) and speak to Word.

The software program is based on word N-gram and context-dependent HMM, the program can perform real-time decoding on latest PCs in 60k word dictation task platform. Major search techniques are completely incorporated with its operation like tree lexicon, cross-word context dependency handling, N-gram factoring, enveloped beam search, Gaussian selection, Gaussian pruning, etc. Besides searching efficiency, the program is also modularized meticulously to be independent from model structures, and different HMM types are supported like shared-state triphones and tied-mixture models, with unlimited numbers of mixtures, states, or phones. This program is free for trial with unlimited uses; if the user gets satisfied, then only he can purchase licensed version.

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