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Download Speak

This software was launched in the name of Speak & Mail 2000. This program uses animated characters and built-in Microsoft speech engine for leading documents for its users loudly. This program uses both male and female voices. The reading features are quite amusing. The interface can be modified by adding hot keys or by controlling speeds. This program can set for reading emails while skipping some symbols, for example, quotations can be omitted from the reading list. As a result speak can work as an improved text to speech converter as well as with some more value added services.

One of these value added services include the provision of working as an organizer reminding of important events and sometimes it can share and read aloud funny jokes. Its small sized memory has made it perfectly suitable for use of kids. This freeware is compatible with operating systems like Windows 95/NT/98/Me/2000/XP/vista/7/8. The enhanced feature of this software includes mail supervision features like new mail notification, monitoring multiple mail accounts, facility of reading hearers and contents,. In addition to mail supervision, a user can hear loudly a document, web pages, and help-files if target text is found copied and pasted on the clipboard.

This technology has voice recognition facility. This facility can be used for launching different applications, playing music, or for launching websites. By downloading extra speech engine, a user can enjoy the facility of changing voice or language as per the preferred mode. This program can be downloaded in the form of zip, rar, zip, and iso files. This software has now provision of hiding the character when it is not in use and some new characters can be downloaded in the program from other directories as well. This program besides working as a text to sound file converter, can render its output as a program manager as it can track the appointment which you will notify to your system.

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