Sagirus Reader
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Download Sagirus Reader

Using text to Text to speech converter has become a common practice these days for easy conversion of text into sound files and to play the sound files afterwards according to the requirement. Plenty of software programs are available in market and each of them has their typical uniqueness. Sagirus Reader is one such voice recognition software with easy to manage interface as well as good quality output. The latest version of this software includes multilingual support, improvised Grafic induced interface, and bug fixing features that even a beginner can use it for his own requirement. The program can convert target text into MP3 and .WAV file for further play into MP3 or Media player.

This software program is released by Sagirus Software and it is compatible with Windows operating systems only. The downloadable file size is 5.76 MB and the file name is The software is compatible with Windows Operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 7, and 8 versions. Besides windows OS this software may create .WAV or MP3 files for playing on ipod. It is an initially freeware and can be used for 14 days with unlimited use which provides the users unique benefit of testing the program before they go for a purchased version.

Initially the program used to render its speech service by its default male voice. The latest version has added new voice into the program. This program can convert text from MS Word, Webpage, Text files etc into spoken words.

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