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Download eTikr

eTikr is a very useful and significant software program used in financial operations and related tasks. This innovative software application has been designed and developed by Wyrnet. This software application is an add-in tool provided for Excel. This software program is very useful for businesses operating in the financial domain. Most finance related businesses need to stay constantly updated with the current market rates.

The task of keeping a track on the rates constitutes to be one of the most essential tasks for these businesses and hence users can make optimum utilization of this application. This software application enables the users to download important stock notifications and market related information with no cost attached. All the information is made available free of cost. All the data is presented with previously built Excel templates available at no cost i.e. free of charge.

eTikr is highly optimized software tool. This software application has a very robust and efficient compatible feature. With the help of this feature, users can run this software program on any of the given computer systems comprising windows operating system. Renowned versions such as windows 7 and windows 8 enable smooth functioning of this software application. This is a very user friendly software application.

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