Download PDFlite

PDFlite is a PDF reading and viewing software application. The tool claims to be simple in its design and light in its size; making it one of the ideal PDF reading and viewing tools. Available as a free to use software utility, this is a product of Amnis Technology. Its reliable functioning and hassle-free implementation are some factors that act in favor of this utility. Therefore, you can spend more time using the program to your benefit than waste time configuring the tool or customizing it. The tool comes integrated with all the standard features found in a PDF reader utility such as zoom, print, search, etc.

This utility also offers web browser plug-in tool with a complete range of features. The tool also offers file conversion through its PDFlite printer function. With this functionality, you will be able to convert any document or file into a PDF document. The tool offers support for converting, both, text and image files. The tool also offers multi-lingual support and recognizes English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese; to name a few. Some of the other prominent features offered by this tool are support for Mobi format, so you can read and view eBooks; ability to open CHM documents that are stored in your network drives; etc.

This tool can be configured to acts as your default printer; and printing any text file or document using this will help to convert it into a PDF file. Therefore, you can create documents in your text editor or Word software and then easily convert it to PDF by using the print command. This simplicity of executing functions and the user-friendliness of this tool are some aspects that have made it endearing to many users. Supported in Windows platforms, you can implement this tool in Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions.