Download PDF Reader for Windows 8

PDF Reader for Windows 8 is reader software designed and developed by PDFLogic who are well known for their various PDF reader software. With this reader tool you can both read any PDF files as well as convert PDF files in to wide variety of formats.  This tool has all the features of a standard PDF reader and is known for the extra features provided. This is a light weight, yet full featured PDF viewer, which comes free of cost.

With this tool, you can open, view, read, review and print PDF files as well as convert these PDF format files in to the other standard formats like txt, bmp, jpg, PNG, gif, tiff, and other media formats. All standard features of a PDF viewer such as Zoom in and out, page rotation in both directions, and slide show  are well provided.  This tool can be included in to Windows 8 system as a default built in PDF viewer.  This viewer is extremely fast in its loading and can open a PDF file in just two or three seconds.  The slide show feature available in this viewer is of great quality and beneficial for the users.  This feature  converts the pages of the PDF file in to slides automatically.

This tool is written in high performance windows native code and hence has much assimilation to the Windows 8 features. It is almost like an inbuilt application for the Windows 8 systems. The tool has features to enable you open files from any location of the system such as the desktop, library, or the My document folder.  Another mentionable feature of this application is that it has backward compatibility with the older OS versions such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

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