Download PDF Reader for Windows 7

A free to use software application, PDF Reader for Windows 7 is a PDF viewer utility that is intended to help users view, read, open, review, and print PDF documents. With this utility, you will also be able to convert PDF files to text files and image files. The tool offers support for many image file formats, for the purpose of conversion; including GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, EMF, EPS, and WMF.

The tool comes with all the default features of a PDF Reader tool such as zoom and page rotation, and also offers the ability to view your PDF file as a slide show. This slide show view is considered one of its unique features. Although this tool has been specifically developed for Windows 7 platform, you can also implement it in other Windows systems such as Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, and Server versions. This is made possible because of the backward compatibility built into this tool.

The publishers claim that this tool is light and therefore can accomplish your tasks in a rapid manner. It does not take much time to load or to open PDF documents. You can configure the tool to support any PDF format that already exists in your system. This is a freeware software utility that has been developed by PDFLogic. If you are looking for a simple PDF Reader tool that can help accomplish your tasks quickly and without much of a hassle, this utility could be the appropriate solution.

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