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Infix Professional Edition is a PDF conversion software aimed at resolving the basic needs of the user without going into complexities. While most other software’s of this genre focus on all aspects of PDF creation and publishing, Infix solely focuses on editing.

Since editing is the only feature the maker’s channeled all their energies into, Infix Professional Edition does not fail to impress. Infix allows text editing. Grouping and locking of objects is also possible. Columns of text can be joined to form a coherent flow. The software enables conversion of scanned documents into PDF's and allows manual editing of missing text using the state of the art OCR correction tools. The CMYK tool can be used to view and alter the colors used in the document. Parts of an image can be cropped if necessary. Collaboration is supported as is addition of notes.

In Infix Professional Edition, multimedia content is not supported. Forms cannot be created with the software. Printing checks for inconsistencies and informs the user about the same. The word processor like interface is easy to master. The pricing is structured based on the privileges one seeks. The documentation covers all aspects and there’s a user maintained YouTube video section for video tutorials. Overall it is a good solution for a user with simple needs.

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