Foxit Advanded PDF Editor
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Download Foxit Advanded PDF Editor

Finally Foxit Software Company comes up with their latest and advanced version of PDF editor. This is a windows based software which helps in editing PDF pages. This new advanced edition of Foxit PDF Editor is quick and direct in approach. Unlike the previous version this one actually has a very powerful search tool. The search tool is used to limit and customize the search by a desired criteria like size, color, font or text. This version of PDF Editor is much more accessible than the other PDF Editors are.

This advanced version is comes with various features. Editing PDF pages is more swift and better. Adding on multiple text boxes not a problem at all. Merging PDF documents are always troublesome. But with Foxit Editor it's no longer trouble at all. Manipulating layers to hide and show or renaming is done easily. Putting pictures with in a PDF file just got better. Foxit PDF editor gives options that makes it easy to put pictures with in a PDF document. Creating articles and exporting them directly to the web is done in no time. PDF documents which were a trouble with this program Remapping it is done easily. Compared to other PDF programs this particular application stands out because of it's effective time management.

Creating professional PDFs is no longer a bother. As Foxit products are ISO 32000-1/ PDF 1.7 standard compliant it is compatible with other PDF software as well. Instead of searching one file at a time it's clustered search engine makes it convenient. The built in spell checker is the most use-able feature possible. Re-sizes the margins quickly too. It comes with grids and margins which makes editing a layout even easier. Cloning helps putting numbers on the pages and helps in putting header and footer. Thus, Foxit Advanced PDF Editor is compatible with other PDF programs as well as it is the most convenient PDF editor.

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