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Removal of blank pages from a PDF document is hectic work for computer users. When it comes for the scanned PDF documents, this is relatively tougher than the normal PDF documents.  AxpertSoft PDF Page Remover is now available for the computer users to remove their unwanted blank pages from the PDF documents. Blank pages maybe included in a PDF document or in an e-book may be of some uses. It has only use if the document is going to be printed and the blank pages are meant to be the place where such necessary information may be written if they are not in the book itself. But that is only for the printed product. For storage in hard drives, these blank pages only create greater memory.

Many more softwares are present that all are generated to do the same job then why this one is the most powerful and popular. This is because AxpertSoft PDF Page Remover can do its job in a lesser extent of time. No need of selecting blank pages one by one in a PDF document. AxpertSoft PDF Page Remover can easily distinguish between the blank pages and the ones which have contents. While scanning a document, this software differentiates those blank pages, removes them from memory and then creates the PDF file without those blank pages.

It should not be thought that the deleted file from your scanned documents is gone forever from your computer. This AxpertSoft PDF Page Remover generates a list of the blank pages of the scanned document which are deleted while scanning, so the user can check there for any mistake.

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