Download Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter

Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter is basically the software that will allow the user to convert their TIFF files into PDF file format. TIFF format is widely used by graphic artists and professional photographers to store images. Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter is the best software available if you want to convert your TIFF image files into a PDF format. The advantage of doing this is mainly that PDF is more widely used than the TIFF format and as such converting files into this format makes it more accessible. This software does not require any other additional software for its functioning.

The user does not need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in the system to be able to convert the TIFF files. Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter is thus standalone software, which can function without the aid of any third party software. The output file that is generated by Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter is very high in quality and the layout of the original file is maintained completely. These features mean that you can convert any file from TIFF to PDF without any fear of altering the quality of the original file. Because it is independent of any other software it can easily be used by large groups of people.

The entire process of conversion is completed in a few simple and easy steps and it takes only a few clicks for your file to be converted into a PDF file. The user can convert more than one file at a time thus saving valuable time. Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter also allows the user to add folders and sub-folders that have TIFF files that require conversion. The best feature is that the user can choose to merge more than one TIFF file to form a PDF file with multiple pages. This does not mean the TIFF files will lose their original style. Converting a multiple page TIFF file into a single PDF is also possible in Aostsoft TIFF to PDF Converter.

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