Download Adobe Acrobat Standard

Adobe Acrobat Standard is a popularly used and widely known software application that is used to create, edit, and distribute PDF documents and forms. The publishers of this tool claim that this utility is capable of creating a single PDF document by combining the data obtained from different files created using different applications. The PDF forms offered by this tool is a popular choice for collecting data, related to a topic or subject, and securing it by making use of the tool’s document security functionalities. You can implement this tool in various Windows based platforms such as Windows 7, XP, and Vista versions. This is a product that has been designed and developed by Adobe Systems.

Available only as a purchase-only software application, this tool claims to offer all the basic features necessary for creating and editing PDF documents and forms. You can use this tool to display, search, as well as print PDF files. The tool also offers support for PDF maps and PDF portfolios. You can also make use of the services to share your documents as well as share your screen space with other users. This utility is integrated with Adobe Flash technology that helps you to add interactive features to your documents and make it richer, in terms of content and interactivity.

You can convert files that have been created in Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint and convert them into a single PDF document. And this can be accomplished with a simple mouse click. You can also save Web pages as PDF documents. The tool also allows you to save or archive your email messages by converting them to PDF files. It is also easy to scan physical documents and save them in PDF format thanks to its optical character recognition capabilities. The tool also supports 256-bit encryption mechanism.

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