123 PDF Creator

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123 PDF Creator is a PDF conversion software tool that allows you to convert your Word documents as well as other files into PDF documents. Designed and developed by 123 PDF Converter; this utility also offers support for conversion of various files including those created using MS Excel, Photoshop, MS PowerPoint, CAD, Illustrator, CorelDraw, HTML, etc. This tool installs as a virtual printer tool; therefore, you need to opt for the Print option from any of the above mentioned applications and choose to print the file using this tool. The selected document or file gets converted into the equivalent PDF document.

The benefit of this functionality is that you can convert any file, which is capable of being printed, to PDF format. Another benefit of this functionality is that you don’t have to specifically open the application to implement the conversion process. You can access this utility just like you access a printer; you just need to open the file that needs conversion, right-click, and select the Print option from the menu. You can check out this tool for free; however, the free version comes with a limited 10 conversion trial. To obtain the complete benefit of all its features, you need to procure the licensed version of the tool.

Designed for Windows platforms, you can implement this tool in Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions. The implementation of the tool is quite easy; you select the various settings from the Print window and also select the folder where the converted files will be saved. Some of the other prominent features offered by this utility are creating watermarks, encrypting converted PDF files, and adding date and time of file creation to the converted PDF documents. One limitation is the Help feature needs to be accessed online from the publisher’s website. However, this can be overlooked as the tool is quite intuitive and does not really require venturing to check out its help feature.