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Monely Free is the free billing and accounting software application that helps all business houses to streamline the business procedures within the companies. It acts as a business accounting, business management, inventory systems and inventory software application for all medium and small scale businesses in all parts of the world. This business software was published by the software developer ‘Monely’ in the year September 2012. It is a huge success among the users of Monely Free since it is released in the market. The application has got great compatibility with Windows operating systems like the Windows 98, 2000, 7, 8, Vista, NT, XP and also Windows Server 2008.

Monely Free offers all the users with a wide variety of features. The feature of customer relationship management offers with the pricing and discounts on inventories, managing sales, marketing products, commissions allowed on specific products, products ordered and returned and other services. The financial help offered by Monely Free includes accounts receivable and payable, managing cash and fixed assets, costing on accrual basis, managing documents and payroll. Monely Free also provides assistance with the managing of chain supply like offering help on processing orders and entries, cash orders, shipping products and then tracking those accordingly.

Monely Free is a free software application that is extremely user friendly. It is simple, easy to understand, logical and an efficient controlling program. The user can create new module that has additional advantage and Monely Free can easily incorporate those. It can be used by any non-technical person also and does not require any special programming knowledge. Monely Free is 100% clean and does not contain any form of viruses, trojan, malware, backdoor or spyware. Thus the user can be totally secured about the safety of his personal computer while downloading Monely Free.

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