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Using inventory tools for maintaining an inventory for your home and office is desirable because it provides an aid to the insurance you have for your belongings. With a good inventory list for your possessions, you have a proof in case any calamity destroys your things. My Inventory Plus is a inventory software designed to help you with this. It is specially developed to maintain a database of your household and office possessions with their photos and information. Now you can keep your favorite things more secure by having a detailed inventory with this amazing and powerful tool.

The other important use of this software is keeping track of the locations of the items. Now you need not strive remembering where you store the things. Just look for the thing in the database of the program and find out the location. This program allows adding photos to the items from camera, scanner or computer files. Not only images, you can also store documents like insurance policies or wills so that you have all important things at one place and hence is easy to retrieve. You can even add your registration ids, passwords, credit card information or account information to keep them all secure and safe. An easy way to maintain your personal stuff at a single location.

The program offers you exclusive reports for your inventory so that you can have a quick and detailed view of your possessions. It saves them in PDF format so that you can email, print or save them for ease of access. Make your life easier with this unique tool made for anybody interested in protecting the important parts of his life.

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