Download InventoryBuilder

One of the effective inventory software tool for household. InventoryBuilder is meant to be used for home and offices for the purpose of organizing your belongings. The intention of the tool is to help you insure your possessions so that in case they are damaged or lost in any calamity, you can present the list to the insurance company. If you have not yet created a database of your household or office items, it is the time to do it. With this software, you can quickly document your belongings and track them efficiently. Now your valuable things at home or office are safe and secured.

The program offers you an easy and effective way of organizing all the items in your house. It can be anything from computer hardware, DVDs and artwork to TVs and cameras. You can fill in the details like location, model, description, serial number, etc. for each item and also add any other data you find useful and important. Also, you can store the information about the purchase of each item like when and where it was bought and the cost. You can also add the value of the items. The comprehensive and detailed reports the program generates let you analyse and keep track of the household items.

In case your house is damaged and the possessions are lost, you can generate a hardcopy of the list of the things you lost and present it to the insurance company. A very helpful tool for everyone worth giving a try!