Household Register 2010
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Download Household Register 2010

Household Register 2010 is an inventory system for household purpose. It is an inexpensive way of maintaining a catalog of your possessions. Now you can have a ready list of everything in your home or office. If you have not yet started maintaining an inventory of the things you own, it is the time to start doing it with this software. It is designed to help you with cataloging, managing and organizing the list of your belongings in a quick and easy way.

With this tool, you just need to enter the information and the program takes care to categorize the items by location, owner and category.  These criteria can be customized to suit your requirements. Fields like serial number, description, model number, owner, category, location, purchase price, warranty information and memo are available for storing the details of each item in your inventory. It is possible to import and export the data from formats like excel, html and ascii. You can even print the reports generated with this tool for handy analysis of the inventory information.

The program features a clear and user friendly interface and anybody can start using it without any prior knowledge or training. The unlimited categories that it offers you makes it more usable. You have a default list of categories and it is also possible to create your own. It also allows unlimited items and locations. Once you add the warranty information of an item, the program sees that you get warned upon its expiration. Download this free tool for yourself today!

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