Asset Organizer Pro
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Download Asset Organizer Pro

An asset management software tool for Windows, Asset Organizer Pro is designed to offer you a simplified way of cataloging, tracking and managing the fixed assets of an organization. Whether you possess a retail store or own a large sized business, this application is sure to help you with your business processes thus enhancing the productivity and profit. The program is extremely easy to install and use and any type of user would find it simple to start with it. For making it easier, the program comes with wizards that help you through the process of managing your items.

The program contains the databases for the assets, employees, suppliers, manufacturers and loans for easy tracking and management of each of them. It has a database template for the assets information that you can fill in easily. It organizes and manages the assets efficiently. The employees database provides you a simple way to manage, organize and track the employees in your organization. The program also features a check in and check out function that integrates with the employees information that you enter. The manufacturers and suppliers information is stored in a well organized database within the program. The activities of the assets are also recorded and maintained. Maintenance staff can also be managed and cataloged.

The program features a user friendly interface that makes it equally easy for beginners and advanced users. The basic and advanced asset management features help all types of users and businesses simplify the processes. Make your life easy with Asset Organizer Pro!


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