Abacre Inventory Management And Control

Download Abacre Inventory Management And Control

Now it is possible to automate the business processes from ordering, purchasing, billing and inventory control to management of labor. Abacre Inventory Management And Control is introduced as an all new Windows application designed to make inventory management efficient and easy. For making it more simple, the user interface is designed to be the most user friendly. Calculation methods for inventory like Average, FIFO and LIFO are all supported by this tool so that one can make the most out of it. Not only inventory, the software is intended to control and handle all of the business processes from purchase of raw materials to sales.

The program is designed to support the devices like barcode readers, touchscreens and cash drawers. The most attractive thing about this tool is that it can be set up to support different currencies, formats of numbers and taxes. You can also customize the design of the bills you issue for customers. You can have options like cash, checks and credit cards for the payments. It keeps track of your employees information to better analyse your profit and turnover. It is very simple to install and use and hence stands as the best choice for a business software.

To help business managers with decision making, this program offers a set of customizable reports that are meant to present a complete overview of the sales and inventory of the business. These include inventory stock, on hand quantities, sales, payment methods, employee hours, performance, profit margins and more. Whether you own a retail shop or possess a large scale business, this tool works fine to cater your business needs.