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Franchise Opportunity Calculator is a business based accounting and billing software application designed and developed by The Franchise Guide. This software application is a very significant and a useful tool for various people who wish to open their own franchise business. Any franchise business requires a lot of evaluation before being started. It is of utmost importance to understand the basic fundamentals of the franchise and the feasibility of its business operations in the given environment. With Franchise Opportunity Calculator, users can analyze and understand the technicalities of the franchise and decide up on its future potential. An estimate of the future profits and earnings can be drawn using this software application.

There are several amazing features packed in Franchise Opportunity Calculator. This software application offers amazing compatibility features to all its users. It easily functions with most versions of the windows operating system. Windows 7 and windows 8 are the major versions with which this software application offers a great compatibility deal. Operational and functional compatibility offered by Franchise Opportunity Calculator is really good. With the help of this software, users can also input their loan credentials and draw calculations for its amortization. It also calculates the interest payments, fluctuations in the rate of interest and any additional payments that need to be done. People can also input vital information regarding their wages, lease orders, supplies and many more.

Franchise Opportunity Calculator is a very amazingly designed software application. The programmers have designed its user interface in a very simplistic way. Hence it is very for both beginners as well as experienced professionals to work on this software application. Comparisons can be made between the expected cash inflows and monthly net profit or loss of the franchise business. With the help of this calculator, people investing into franchise businesses can have complete authentic information and projected estimates describing the future prospects of this business.

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