Download wpStoreCart Desktop Alert

When you are busy with your official works, you often do not find time for checking out the newest updates. It is always better if you are instantly updated or notified on your desktop. This way, you will be able to have yourself alerted every time regarding the updates of the e-commerce WordPress program. The best solution for the matter is the wpStoreCart Desktop Alert. It makes sure that you get instant updates automatically. If you are having a safe and secured server, you will be receiving the notifications right when the updates are being posted.

The wpStoreCart Desktop Alert makes you notified about any important event on your website. It can be run in the task tray of your system. The notifications are received as pop up windows while there are events taking place regarding refund or sale. No matter how busy you are, you will be able to get the updates without creating any disturbance in your work. And not only that, you can also opt to check out the details of the updates later on.

The wpStoreCart Desktop Alert can be downloaded within minutes to your desktop or laptop. The installation can be processed just like any other software program. Accessing the program with the admin panel of wpStoreCart is simple too. The program can be availed for absolutely free. It is categorized under the e-commerce business software. The file size is around 3.17 MB and does not carry any spyware or malware files during the download. The perfect updating solution is just a few clicks away from your accessing.

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