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WebPen is the one of the most modern technology which helps website users to have their signature online on forms, documents and other agreements with the help of the mouse that actually works as a pen. In case of any need the legal agreements or documents can be signed online instantly in the website with the help of the touchpad or mouse. WebPen users need not download, print, scan and fax instead they can just sign the documents with the mouse. This software was published by Toucan Multimedia in the year February 2011 and show compatibility with various Windows systems like the Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows XP and Windows NT.

WebPen makes the entire process of signing totally paperless. Once the documents are signed it is redisplayed along with the signature to the signer and a separate copy of the signature gets stored in the user’s server in the form of HTML or PDF. This tool is extremely easy to install with just PHP5+ bundled with GD that all hosts have in their systems. It can also be incorporated along with the online documents that already exist by just adding a link code to the page in the website displaying the document. WebPen uses the new signing engine SVG/VML which helps in the smooth signature without flash or Java. All webpage extensions displaying the HTML code, work with WebPen such as the .PHP, .ASP, .HTM and .JSP.

WebPen is easy and fast to download with a trial period of 30days to test the software before actually buying it. It has good graphics and loads faster. This tool also has the feature of signing the document and emailing the pdf document to the address given by the user. WebPen is very much configurable and can be used for all online signature purposes.

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